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Hello all.

I am fairly new to the goat raising experiance. We have had goats now for about a year and half. 

 We have 7 ND does (2 are 4, 1 is 3, 2 are 2 and 2 were born in March.  We also have 2 pygmy does.  We have one pigmy buck and 3 ND withers that were born in match.  We just lost our registered ND buck so will will he searching for one again.

The 5 older ND does are all bread thanks to  fence jumper this summer as well as the 2 pigmys and everyone is starting to bag up!  But a little worried ab oi y kidding in this cooler/cold South Dakota weather.  Any tips?  Should be in the next 2-3 weeks tops.

Our 2 older does are great mamas one had twins and the other triplets last spring just after we got them.  The 3 year old lost 4 last year, and the others are all first time mamas.  

I have some interest in learning to milk and would live some advice as well as learning some about showing them in 4H as my 6 year old LOVES his goats !

Thanks for letting me be a part of your group!

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Welcome to the group! I saw your question last night and spent this morning updating my "Kidding in Winter" article. I originally wrote it in 2014 and more than doubled the length. So, thanks for asking! Pretty much everything I write now is in response to questions. Here's the updated post:

If you have any questions, please let me know! 

And good luck with kidding!

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