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I have a herd of four right now, a buckling from this spring, a whether from this spring as bucklings buddy, and a mother/ daughter pair, mom a few years old and baby from this spring as well. My question is on grain and goats. I'm sure it varies by each goat and their independent needs, but i want a better idea of how much each goat should be eating each night. We use the purina all lifestages goat feed from TSC. Our momma goat might possibly be expecting in a few months (we did not breed her, we got her from someone else and they said they think their billy got to her one last time before they got rid of him, sooo...maybe. maybe not?) and i've heard that momma's have fifferent nutritional neesds than like a buck or whether would. They get hay each day, just wondering how much grain each individual should be getting based on gender and all those variables.

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I'm very new to goats but from the reading I have done here you arent supposed to give grain to males, it has too much calcium and can cause stones to develop in the urinary tract. I do believe females while pregnant and nursing can be supplemented with grain. I'm sure you can find some info on other posts as well. Good luck to you! 

Thank you Sheana! I’ve searched around a bit too and I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with that response. Sounds like the boys are going to have to get a different treat at dinner time instead.

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