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Can anyone tell me the best thing for fleas on goats? My boy was scratching and I found a few on him. I looked it up, but have read many different things.

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You're the first person I've ever heard say that your goat has fleas. The only person I've ever heard say they even got more than one tick was on the Gulf Coast. Your profile says you're in Indiana, so I'm wondering if you really saw fleas or if it was something else. Maybe lice? That's pretty common. Most parasites are species specific, but the vet textbooks say that it is possible for goats to get the fleas that infest cats. Still, I've never heard of anyone getting them, so I'd have to do some research on the solution. So, I figured I'd double-check on exactly what you saw.

I'm sure you have long ago figured this out for yourself, but I use a product called Equisect Natural Fly Repellent.  It uses a pyrethrum made from chrysanthemums as well as other essential oils.  It's approved for organic use.  I have used it for fleas on my dog, and it absolutely worked.  To treat for fleas or lice, you have to spray the animal down very well with the spray, until is is wet through so it gets all the skin wet.  I think I remember that I did a second spraying down after 5 days or a week to catch anything that would have hatched from an egg that had survived.  It has also gotten rid of itchiness that I think may have been mites on the goats.  I never could see anything on them, but it did stop the scratching, and it made their hair very soft as well.

For lice and mites, I'vc also used Eprinex.  It's a pour on that you put along the top line. 

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