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Two months ago, I castrated an 11 month old with a burdizzo (emasculator from Jeffers), and only one side took.

This definitely could have been operator error, it was my first time using the tool, but I think the burdizzo was the culprit.

I didn't examine it closely when I got it three years ago, so doubt I can return it.
It's the kind with the gaps on either side, but I think the problem was the fact that where the two parts of the clamp meet is not flush on one side. The side I used on the currently intact testicle.

I can't see any reason why I couldn't use the tool in reverse (with the 'C' side on top, instead of under, the scrotum), so I can reclamp using the side of the clamp that actually touches.
But I thought I'd see if anyone might see a problem with that since I'm new to it and you don't know what you don't know.

He was such a trooper so I'm sad he will know what's coming this time....

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You wouldn't be able to see the scrotum as well if you held the burdizzo upside down, but assuming you crunched the cord, it would work. I personally hold the cord with one hand while closing the burdizzo with the other hand, so the cord isn't right next to the edge anyway. 

I ended up using the tool upside down and it worked.

I'll attach a photo of the tool I used.

It's not the easiest to see, but it's perfectly flush at the top and very gradually separates along the way to the bottom.

That is a really big gap between the tooth on the edge and the piece that crushes. I've heard that those have more failures, but since mine has very little space in there, I don't have personal experience with a big gap like that.

I'm glad it worked for you! I'd definitely be using it upside down so that you'd be more assured of success by using the side with the tiny space.

That's why I use banding, never fails and is painless.

Banding is not painless. We banded for six or seven years before switching to the Burdizzo. Some kids get very quiet and depressed and hide in a corner while others would throw themselves on the ground and scream for an hour afterwards. Most don't make much noise when you first put the band on, but as the blood starts to pool in the scrotum, it starts to hurt. Put a rubber band around your finger tight enough so that the blood can't circulate and you'll see what I mean.

I guess I've never experience that ever in 10+ years.. they just get up and go on their merry way like it never happened.  I follow up with my buyers and ask if everything is all right after banding the bucklings, and they say yes no difference.  The band cut off the circulation and there is not feeling...per vet too.

If you are not in the barn when it starts to hurt, then you won't see it. I didn't notice it either the first few years, also because we started with a small herd. But once we were up to 20-30 bucklings a year, that's when we started seeing it. It does eventually go numb, but not until it goes through the painful part when the blood is pooling in the scrotum. I did try the rubber band on my finger, and I didn't last more than a few minutes before I pulled it off. 

I'm out there every 2 hours and know all my goats and what they do...  I'm not gonna argue the point, I think it's unfair to let people think one is the only way when so many other don't do it the way a forum says.  It's good to let people to see alternatives.

People are aware of the alternatives, and I never said that there was only one way. I know that you don't like the idea of using a Burdizzo, and you are obviously free to continue banding. But I can't let you perpetuate untrue information on here, such as banding is painless or free of risks. That is simply not true. Tetanus is a documented risk of banding, which is why many people recommend tetanus antitoxin or CDT when banding.

As prey animals, the vast majority of goats get very quiet and withdrawn when in pain because they don't want to be an easy target for predators. This is why so many people don't know a goat is sick until it's very sick. When I was new, I thought that banding was not a big deal either because I didn't recognize the signs. It wasn't until I had a few that screamed their heads off that I started paying more attention and realized what was happening. And they don't scream for two hours, so you could miss it. They only scream until the scrotum goes numb.

Trish said:

I'm out there every 2 hours and know all my goats and what they do...  I'm not gonna argue the point, I think it's unfair to let people think one is the only way when so many other don't do it the way a forum says.  It's good to let people to see alternatives.

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