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My doe is bleeding from her back side. I cant tell if it’s feom her anus or vulva. This isn’t the first time she’s had some blood but it’s the worst time and seems more out of place. There also seems to be a swollen red bump. She is a rescue and came to me pregnant a year ago. She kidded last March and has not been exposed to a buck since. Her kids are weaned and separated from her. She lives with one other doe and their behavior towards each other has not changed at all. She does not like me near her back side right now and has been a little irritable the last few days. I’m going to call my vet out but I thought I’d ask you guys if you have any ideas as well.

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Do you have a picture? That would be helpful. 

If it's coming from her vulva I would suspect a miscarriage, if it's at all possible she might have been accidentally bred. (Buck got out, fence breeding, etc?)

If it's coming from her skin, it might be either an injury or possibly skin cancer. 

It's hard to really make any good guesses without a picture. Having your vet out is a good idea. 

The crust at the top is just mud. It rained and then she lied in the mud but the red spot is what is concerning me. She scratches it sometimes and there just seems to be blood all over it lately. She absolutely hasn’t been bred or even been near a buck. She bled on and off right after she had her kids last year but I would expect that to have stopped and it still happens sometimes so I’m just not sure. She and my other doe came from horrible conditions. They were seized by animal control and had been living with dead goats and no food or proper shelter. They were all sick then but she’s seemed to be generally healthy since and she got the all clear from my vet on her last check up. But I would t be surprised if there long term or underlying negative effects from her early life. Everything back there has kind of always looked rough and not like my other doe but It didn’t bleed like this before. 

Reminds me of what my goat looked like in the early stages of skin cancer. Here's a post about that --

Looks like light pink skin, which is most commonly associated with skin cancer (rather than dark skin).

Thank you so much. That makes total sense. I’ll have my vet check for that specifically. 

I really hope that's not it since the prognosis is grim. 

Let us know!

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