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Though my doe kidded before, this is my first time.  Around 10:30 last night, she gave birth to a sweet little doeling (I think).  Besides it being the same size as my cat who is not a large cat by any means, I am amazed at its talking - it sounds like a squeaky toy.<g>  Of course, Mom is talking her new baby continuously which is so different as I don't think I've heard herd bleat even a dozen times since I brought her home, both my girls have been quiet girls.  It is so very sweet the way Mom and Baby talk to each other - such sweet sounds.  Right now as I am typing, Baby is getting a real dinner, not just the short drink like earlier.  The photo is from about half an hour after birth; she is still wet.

I hope I did right; Mom was doing such a good job, I just let her take care of everything.  Now I am waiting to see if there is a second baby coming or if this is a single birth.  She had triplets last year, her first litter.  Sometimes it looks like a baby is moving around but she is talking all the time so it's difficult to know if that is just muscle movement.

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Too cute! I love her tri-colored coat. Congratulations! Yes, Momma and Baby will be very vocal with each other for several days. Then it will let up, but they will still constantly call out to each other quite often. It's usually pretty simple to tell whether it's a boy or girl. If it has 3 openings under the tail, it's a girl. If it only has two openings and a little sack, then it's obviously the opposite sex. I hope they are thriving and you are enjoying every minute of it. Again, congratulations!

Oh! She, I mean it whatever is sooooo cute,Congratulations!  Keep us updated.I can't wait to hear those sounds again. It has been along time and it is the sweetest thing. I can just since your excitement.  Hopefully I'll have some in a couple more months!

Definitely a girl (the bathroom always tells<g>).  Though I was pretty sure last night shortly after she was born (doubted if males had prominent teats!), I didn't want to handle her too much as Mom was very protective.  This morning, there is no doubt, I now have a mother, a year-old doeling, and a tiny bundle of doeling.

Mama and baby are doing fine.  Big sister is trying to ignore the whole thing.

Congrats!!! She is really cute...

Congratulations! Males do have teats, but does don't have testicles, so I always look for testicles. It's the easiest thing to see!

Here's your photo! She's PRECIOUS!! Congratulations! on your doeling!! I hope I get one out of my doe!! I'd really like to be able to KEEP someone!! lol

PS one of my bucklings has teats. lol they look pretty silly with those testicles sitting in the middle. lol

I hope both of your bucklings have teats. If not, that's a defect.

Rachel Whetzel said:

PS one of my bucklings has teats. lol they look pretty silly with those testicles sitting in the middle. lol

lol yes! They both do. One of them just has more noticeable ones than the other. lol Sorry for the confusion.

Oh my GOSH that's a cute baby!! and a doe to boot!! SCORE!! My doe kidded on the 25th and I, like you, let my doe take care of everything.. AMAZING little animals! Congrats Glenna!

The doe in the picture isn't mine! It's the original poster, Glenna's! I just put the picture in the thread here so everyone can see. :)

Thank you everyone.  This being my first newborn, I am very excited about everything.  Took most of today off work even.<g>

This little girl has a lotta heart, barely 12 hours old and she IS going to conquer that hay bale.  Along the line she learned to scratch her ear without falling over every time and even talked her sister into showing her how to get on the hay bale though she hasn't made it quite yet.  Tired, she managed to convince Mom it was time for a snack.  I love the way she pawed on Mom the way Mom pawed to make a bed; instinct is a wonderful thing.

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