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 hello, to all first off. I am new to this site , I have I full 3-4 yr old  nigi,whos's named pepper (my first,who's preg), then I bought her a friend Harley  , she's 1, who's 1/2 LaMancha, 1/2 Nubian, then I bought 2 preg pygmys pinky and the brain, who's about 3-4 yrs old. now I've had them a month or so now, i'm able to bring home my newest addition named sunny she is 6 weeks old mini nubi. I put her in with the nigi & the lamacha/Nubian and they keep butting her. I understand they have teach her the pecking order,but they are getting a little too aggressive than. she is now sleeping under their bed. what should I do any suggestions would be APPRECIATTED  thank you .

sorry so long for first post.

p.s. baby is eating and drinking fine pics coming soon

  thanks Dion

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Comment by Winding River Farm (Bev) on February 20, 2015 at 4:03am

They can be quite the bullies for awhile but usually it levels out.   The creep area works well.   I have a little bummer lamb in with my goats and they objected for a day or so but now they leave her alone -in fact she is one of them.  The "queen" still will push her around a little but all is pretty good.  Little lamb has a small dog crate that is her hiding place if she needs it.

Comment by Patty Meyer on February 17, 2015 at 12:54pm

You could make a creep area for her that she can get  into, eat there, drink and rest there, and the others couldn't get to her.  She should still be able to see them and get out to be with them, and maybe even lay next to them if they're near her but on the other side of maybe a cattle pannel or some other type of fencing, not a wall.  That's what I would try. :)  Hope you are able to find a way to make her comfortable.

If you posted this question in the forum instead of here, you would get more answers since people see that more.  Best wishes!

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