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Its the first day of spring and I have finished the milking. Misty has been blatting since I went into the goat area. When she jumps off the milk stand and I put her in her pen she rushes outside and wades through belly deep snow towards the buck's winter pen.  The bucks begin their vocalizing and I, I don't want a "through the fence" breeding. I catch her and lock the doors so she cannot get out. Poor girl she was really wanting a conjugal visit.

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Comment by Patty Meyer on March 20, 2013 at 9:17am

Don't they just sound like you're killing them by not allowing it?  I have what I call a "teenager doe".  She has the strongest heats, and cries herself hoarse.  I keep telling her it's for her own good to wait.  She's not big enough yet. :)

That doe of yours is really determined!  My goats hate walking through deep snow.

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