Kenai, AK


April 12

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  • have you seen visible lice? just curious.  sounds like you are on the right track - mine had no problems with new hair growth once the weather warmed - I would shave her as soon as it is warm enough if you can. :)

  • dont know why I thought you were in southern states. anyway - yep, once summer comes - it is less of a problem. Good luck!

  • here in the Willamette Valley Oregon - lots of folks give a selenium shot once a year - I bathe and shave usually in the summer lice arent a problem, but in the southern states - where you have heat - you guys have addl. problems.

  • My Nigerian had the hair coming off the top line bout this time of year.  I think it was from using Ivermectin Pour On - anyway, I started giving her a good bathe and shaved her when the weather warmed up every year.  The hair came back very soon after she had lost it.  I always treated for lice, even though I never actually saw any.

  • very nice site Megan - lots of experience and help and no attitudes! awesome. :)

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