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Why do I always work at places that close?

This is the 4th job I have had where I have been laid off due to closure. And right now is the absolute worst time too! Monday will be my last day since I was scheduled off  Tuesday and Wednesday and 9-5 Thursday but they decided to close at 11AM Thursday and I just don't see the point of rushing to get there at 9 and leaving after only two hours. I'll get those two hours before Monday since I am almost always on register and have to take time at the end of my shift to count down anyway.

I found 5 jobs in the paper that I plan to apply for , plus Walmart, Sams, and Target. Its a little far but  I might try the tractor supply they just opened. It would be pretty neat to get a job in a feed store or a vets or something like that. Or a job actually using my degree in Business. The only thing is I will do just about anything to stay on this side of Lake Pontchartrain.  I really don't want to drive the hour plus each way to New Orleans every day unless they pay teacher salary at the least.


I guess this means I really have to get those boys sold. If any one might be interested in either of them please let me know. I won't refuse a reasonable offer.

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Comment by Deborah Niemann-Boehle on March 25, 2011 at 3:34pm
How frustrating! And you still don't have the results from the necropsy. Well, hang in there!

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