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When can goat kids go out on pasture?

Hey! I have a question for anyone who'd be kind enough to answer! :) I'm new to goat, we just got 3 NG last week. One 7 year old milking doe, a 15 week old and a 8 week old doeling. When can the babies start going out to pasture? (we have a very safe and "kid" proof pasture) They haven't been in the pasture yet so I'm thinking I have to work them up to it like horses? How would I exactly do that? Also, the doe hasn't been in the pasture for a week but that's fine to put her in it all day right? or does she need to be worked up? (again) Thanks so much!

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Comment by Deborah Niemann-Boehle on August 5, 2016 at 9:08pm

Hi Sophie! So sorry that no one responded to this. I just now saw it myself. In the future, you should post questions in the "Forum." You posted this in the "Blog" section. For more info on the difference, click on the "Welcome" link at the top of the page.

I'm sure you figured out ages ago that the goats were old enough to be on pasture. Assuming the weather is nice, they can go out by the time they're 2 weeks old. 

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