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What? She IS pregnant after all? Silly Goat!

I have a doe on her first pregnancy.  Thought the rest of you would get a kick out of her little story.


Bought her in early Dec. and she was supposed to be bred.  She didn't come into heat, but then in mid Jan. she was acting like she was in heat.  Brought her back to breeder, and the bucks were interested, so we got the choosen boy back out, and he was willing but she wasn't.  It was done anyway.


Now, I've been looking at her.  This little goat, who would have been due in April, but I thought based on Jan. breeding would be due in June, is looking far to preganent for June delivery.  You know how it is, one day you look down and your like Hmm....  She's definately got wideness going on.  Took her to the stand to trim the hooves and get a closer look.  Udders are definately starting to develope.  No bag, but clearly swelling, hanging down just a bit. 


Looks to me like the false heat in January.  I can feel at least one baby moving in there.  She's getting slow, rests a lot, and against Ava, the milking (not bred) girl, you can definately see she's sticking out a good 3 or 4 inches further on either side, kinda low and back. 


She's gonna be my first ND kidder, but I've never had this in the larger goats.  Anyone had a false heat during pregnancy before?  There is no way a goat only 2 monthes bred could be this big allready.




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