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My two new girls are finally here. :)  They did spectacular on the drive.  We took all the bench seats out of our minivan and laid it thick with bedding so they rode pretty comfy.  Our trip did take longer than planned, however.  With only 2 hours left of our 10 hour trip the transmission went caput.  They ended up finishing the trip in the back of our Land Rover (which is still pretty roomy), and the drive ended up being 14 hours instead!  They were real troopers, though, and did so well!  They are very sweet and loving and we are so happy  with them. :)  I haven't taken any posed photos yet, but here are a couple of candid ones. 

Pooka is the chocolate one and she is 5 years old.  She is currently pregnant with triplets!  The dam of the buck she is bred to  is a milk production record holder and Pooka herself produces a lot of milk so I hoping for some good things! :)  She is very tiny, a little over 19 inches, but does really well with babies.  She has always had triplets and was once accidentally bred to a Boer and had three 5 pounders with no trouble!  She is not the loud, wild color that her full sister is, but she's got it where it counts! :)

Chianti is a two year old dry doe.  She won junior champion at the state fair last year and did very well with her first kidding this last spring.  She is the more curious and forward than Pooka so the kids are having a ball with her. :) 

My friend was worried because she didn't think they had had the handling they should (she has over a hundred goats) and then they had never been together in a pen before, but she needn't of.  They follow me all over and come when they are called.  The night we got in and they were in our fenced courtyard, they were even following me into my kitchen. :)  Total sweethearts, and they love each other, too. :)  A great start!

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Comment by Suzanne Shaw on August 9, 2012 at 5:49pm

I have seen the video!  It is so funny, that goat is just amazing, I do feel sorry for the one goat he (or she) knocked over and then steps on! Little stinker;) goats are so much fun to watch, especially the little ones, I call it watching  "goat t.v." :-)

Comment by Wendi Gunter on August 8, 2012 at 7:49pm

We are really, really excited for the babies! :)  I grew up with goats, but dang, those ND babies are something else!  Did you see the video of the little 5 week old babies and the one was so naughty bouncing off the others?  Too funny!  If it hasn't made it here yet I may have to post it. :)  I am definitely in love! :)

Comment by Suzanne Shaw on August 8, 2012 at 7:21pm

They are so cute!!!  Sounds like you picked some real sweetharts.  If you think your having tons of fun with your does, wait till your doe has her babies!!!  OMG, baby nigerians are soooo cute,  my doe had her first kids (two little bucks) this past July and I have to practically tear myself away from them!  You are in for some fun times :-)

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