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It is SOO fun to watch Juniper and Pokey enjoying spring's bounty. After a long winter with no browse other than the occasional pine needles, they are loving all the juicy new green leaves and grass. And they're bigger this year so they've figured out how to get up on the taller shrubs/saplings and make them more accessible. Clever little caprines!

I wish I could decide for sure whether or not Juni is pregnant. Sometimes I think so and sometimes I don't. Her teats are really developing and growing, but I'm not sure if that's from pregnancy or if that would happen anyway now that she's over a year old. She looked like she was showing for awhile, but at the same time she's having a huge growth spurt and her legs and body are getting rapidly longer, making her look slimmer.  Right now, at almost 14 weeks, she really doesn't look pregnant. But then again, she hasn't gone into heat. Argghh!

Oh well, she and Pokey are happy and healthy and are such a joy on a daily basis. I'm so grateful for that, and for having them in my life.

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