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Nothing overly good or bad to report this week, and I am happy. Everyone, for the moment appears to be out of imminent danger and looks healthy. Indiana is getting VERY pregnant, and Brandi even more so. Brandi's udder has started, and yesterday she was breathing like Darth Vader while I was doing chores. No other changes yet, but I have started her grain and bringing her up to the porch at night before David leaves for work. She's due on the 13th (day 150) but I think we may see kids by Wednesday. The weather warmed up a bit today and through the weekend the lows are around 50, then its supposed to make a sharp drop to below just below freezing, and the weather is supposed to get rainy. It will be full moon that night too.  Really praying for healthy babies this year! 

I found...through my broker ( work in a real estate office) a home inspector not in direct association with the parish, who also does water testing through a lab. I am going to have the water tested, but it has been put on hold until we close the refinance.

The bank wants some specific repairs done, and the mortgage guy wants me to move the goats to a different place on the property. Its annoying but I am going to do it to be cooperative. I just hope I do not lose ground having to move them to the new non dry lot area after so many weeks of no grass or browse. He also wanted me to plant Rye grass over the pasture"to make it look nicer and greener" (It's winter, Hello!!) but with a mind for how this would affect the goats I am worried that it would to quick of a diet change...I know its "just grass" but its not the same kind of grass and Pecial's necropsy had reticulitis  and the only diet change was the grass....Granted this was just one of a few issues they found...but still. I know to these people they are just animals, but to me they are a lot more.

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Comment by Deborah Niemann-Boehle on December 12, 2011 at 10:46am

How weird that they want you to do all this for a refinance. It's not like you're trying to sell the place. Good luck!

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