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I convinced David to let me get 6 baby chicks from the feed store recently. I think they are getting on 4 weeks old now. By next week we will have to split them up into separate cages because they will be too big for the 2x2x2 transport cage we have them in now. I need to get him out there building another one...We have them inside right now because it is so freakin hot, and because the goats (probably Stan) decided they would pounce on top of the wire one was hurt. So now while I am trying to do homework or watch TV..."peep peep peep peep..." So I started covering them with a sheet in the evenings, and they are quieter but not the same way other birds do when you cover them at night. If they are 4 weeks old I have about 13 more weeks until they are laying and I can add them to the flock outside If I put them in there too early Wally will be a jerk to them, and so may the hens be. Why couldn't he have taken them upstairs? .... because he thinks its so cute...LOL

The goats are doing well. They just got their second dose of Valbazen ( as advised by my mentor).They seem to like the makeshift mineral feeder, and the new water bucket I got for them. It just figures that soon after we built the pen we found someone locally that has the livestock panels for $25 each. I will probably add those later when we get does( the hunt is ongoing) I can have a double fence. Stanley is a screamer when he wants food or attention. Sam couldn't really care less about us but will follow his brother anywhere. Although he does come over and sniff us when we are out. Sam only makes these little sixteenth note "beepbeepbeepbeep" noises. It's really cute, and reminds me a bit of a bike horn, but with a lower tone. LOL

Has anyone ever walked their goats?...ok... you can stop laughing now....seriously... It looks like it might be time to trim hooves soon... not looking forward to that experiment. I usually walk two miles a day with two dogs on the first mile, and a 5 minute break in between to change shoes ( I really hate shoes, but can't walk barefoot) and dogs and get some water. I need one more leash and I could take all 4 at once, but for now this works. I was thinking of adding a third mile to my walks soon ( trying to get up to 5), if I did that, maybe I could wear their hooves down a little on the road?

Today is cleaning day, and I have two short papers and two long ones this week . The next two weeks should be a little lighter, at least for Business Information Systems, since the assignments primarily involve case study evaluations, that don't typically involve extensive research. International Business Ethics on the other hand,,, I don't even want to look ahead... Two more weeks and I switch classes again.

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