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We were thrilled to find this site after losing the link for so long. I even did a search for it on Google and couldn't find it. We have made some herd additions this year. We were blessed to be able to acquire Pecan Hollow C Clabber, a 2nd freshener out of a San Francisco Bay buck and Rosaharn's Tom's Bit-A-Willy doe. We lost the kids, due to either stress of the trip from Nemo or from a bump from a bad doe the second she got into the pen. Her production was a little low, due to the premature kids, I guess.

We bought a RA Kingwood grandaughter from Lost Valley, and can't wait to get her bred this fall for kids in time for the Houston Livestock Show, hopefully. I think we will also get Clabber bred this summer so that we  may still have her in milk for the same show.

In the buckpen, we were blessed to have the opportunity to own 3 Pine Shadows bucks, of good Hill Country and Lost Valley lines. Some of our favorite lines from Twin Creeks are also present in the pedigrees. Rachel, age 10, who owns our herd, has been able to partially realize her dream of owning a Promised Land doe or buck by owning a grandson of one. I probably should have not prayed so hard to solve our buck situation, as we also ended up with 2 Pecan Hollow bucks. I will describe them in a separate post, hopefully with some cute pics of the bucklings. One is sired by Pecan Hollow Z Quizno,  who is out of MCH/CH Pecan Hollow Twisted Sister by Santa Fe. I like the dam on the sire's side, Dill Pickle Constantine. Rachel likes the Twisted Sister in the pedigree the most.  The bloodlines on the dam's side are neat too. She has finished champion does in 2 registries on each side. The other is sired by Pecan Hollow Poppycock, and the dams from both sides are finished champions. We like the strong Twin Creeks breeding on the dam's side. These are the wild boys right now, and they are barely catchable. They don't really appreciate being handled yet at 3 months of age or so, but in a pen with a 4H show wether and a petting-zoo tame buckling and wether,  they have been getting lots of attention. We can trick them into coming up close when the others clamor for attention. The tiny wether midget, Lord Voldemort, was looking  a little too basketballish getting fed with kids, so we had to move him back with the older bucks.

This all leaves us with slightly more bucks than does, and does not include our petting zoo-tame buck and buckling that I am trying to decide what to do with. They are fun to keep around, and have good bloodlines, but I am not sure if they are show quality.  They come from concentrated old bloodlines that produce a lot of throwbacks, and seem to offer improved kids over sire and dam. Maybe I will post photos and ask advice here. I can't really see using them for the next few years or so (except by accident).

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