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David was about to call the nut house this morning I was so excited I was dancing and hollering and I am still high from this an hour later!


First a recap of the changes...Dry lot cleaned  really well 3 times a week, No browse. basic necessities only: Hay, minerals, baking soda, salt. Homemade herbal dewormer infusions in bottled water for the girls plain bottled water for the boys.


Yesterday was the girls herbal holiday where they got plain bottled water today I start another 6 days of herbs (this time for the whole herd, then I'll be using herbs every 3 days, and I hope to eventually be able to use them 1 day a week and ultimately as needed. 


I have not done fecals yet today, but I did check FAMACHA scores and 3 out of 4 that have been on herbs have 1-2 (very pink ) scores.  I am still not sure about Catcher who was far more interested in eating his hay than seeing me this morning.  I cannot say I have ever seen scores so high in my herd even ISABEL. My two late preggos Brandi and Indiana  have lower scores.


I think it may have something to do with the fact that they are pregnant and their systems have been so compromised. I have a coffee grinder now for herbs and I am planning to drench them in addition to providing the infusion, and if I have to I will use a chemical on them. 


I am praying for healthy kids but I am fearful because of all the trouble we have had. worse case scenario I guess we just have to keep plugging away on this path that seems to be generating results and try again next year. 


But for now I am VERY happy with the way things are going, and God willing it stays that way!


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Comment by Deborah Niemann-Boehle on December 12, 2011 at 10:52am

Can't believe I just saw this today! You should put a post in the forum with your herbal deworming protocol. This sounds really promising.

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