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We got all of our paperwork in to the lender and been approved. We will be closing on the refinancing of our home sometime this month!  The mortgage will INCLUDE property tax and insurances, which it currently does not. The total savings will be about $700 a MONTH!!  Can you say " NEW FENCE??"  "VINYL SIDING??" or "NEW CENTRAL AIR UNIT?"

I have known I wanted to replace the fence since we moved here, but it still does it's job as far as the bigger dogs and the goats are concerned, so it hasn't been a priority, plus we have been in dispute over the kind of fence we should have. The fence really became an issue when we got our chihuahua mix who can fit through the 4x4 mesh. It just doesn't look that great, and I have a pretty good idea what I think it should look like.

Same thing on the siding. My house is pumpkin orange. I don't know who's genius idea that was, but it hasn't been high on the priority list since we have 4 walls.  Now that the roof has been replaced with a nice gray shingle I'd really like to give the rest of the house a facelift. I so want a white house with light blue trim and a white washed split rail fence with my pink roses in the front with my farm sign ( Pink Roses Farm)  and bell at the front gate.

The central air... well the air conditioner went out in August and we recently discovered the heater only blows cold, so that is a necessity before it gets too cold. My Thyroxin medication seems to have fixed every issue except for my extreme sensitivity to cold.

I am so excited!!

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Comment by Glenna Rose on November 18, 2011 at 1:56am

I did notice that fence was first on your list.  A true goat lover. <g>

(Good luck with whatever your decisions are.)



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