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Building a Goat Maze to maxamize Browse on one acre

Am interested in developing a Permaculture version of raising Nigerian Dwarfs for my own use not a business............ I am on Face Book as Permaculture for Georgia........ I like to call my Effort The Goat Maze Home of the Amazing Goats.My effort is 10 does one billy and babies only once a year........ My Goat Maze is on one acre , the pens are set up with 10 plastic tote houses in the center with browsing sections that look like a orange cut in half with the seeds being the 10 pens and the 10 sections radiating out from them seeded for browsing.......... The complete perimeter of the acre has 15x15 foot pens seeded for browsing with totes in them for housing .......I plant Sun chokes and Cushaw Pumpkins in a few of the pens controlling access to allow for winter food later, and Deer Browse seeds in the rest. My goal this year is to add Mulberry trees to as many of the pens as I can.

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Comment by Deborah Niemann-Boehle on April 27, 2015 at 7:15pm

Welcome to the group! Do you have goats yet? Perhaps I'm not understanding what you're planning, but if you put baby fruit trees in with goats, they'll eat them. Trees have to have a trunk that's at least 3-4" diameter to have any hope of surviving goats. And I have even seen them kill trees that big. They love bark!

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