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  • Thanks!

  • Thank you for the welcome! Glad to be here!

  • thank you  iam new too goats have had my nigerion dwarfs almost 3 months now got buck that almost 4 months on 10 and 2 doe that are year old I am sheep rancher but am now going move into goat life more only take care bum lambs in lambing season witch may throw Aug us .

  • Hello Janie. Glad to have somewhere to ask questions!

  • Hi, we are excited to have our 3 baby girls and mama. They sleep in a wonderful goat stall at night next to our horse es in their stalls.  Our goats are adjusting to us and their new environment. Every thing  seems to be going in right direction for all.  They have a fenced1/3 acre  with stumps and  rocks to climb on , a cute goat house that we made out of plywood.

    we have portable fencing to move them around in eventually. ... most important right now is for them to feel loved and comfortable here!

  • Thanks!!

  • We appreciate the add Janie thank you. Garry and Saskia

  • Thanks for accepting me in this group :)
  • Thank you Janie. I am starting a search for a polled pregnant Nigerian Dwarf Goat for our summer youth ministry on the farm. If you know of anyone close to Iowa/South Dakota that would have one I would appreciate it.
  • Thank You! I'm looking forward to getting others thoughts and opinions. I love reading the articles, especially the ones that are directly related to something I'm seeing with my goats.
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