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December 2011 Blog Posts (2)

Successful Herd Reduction Sale

Our herd reduction sale has been a success so far. We have mostly sold the ones we needed to sell. We will be concentrating on Nigerians now, but I have a couple of work goats that are somewhat in dispute. I don't use them too much, but the baby loves to get pulled in the wagon with them. I always wanted to try a team, so I might see how that works out, first. The thing is, it is hard to decide. Maybe I should use my larger harnesses and train the 2 equines that are only somewhat trained.…


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So far so good!

Nothing overly good or bad to report this week, and I am happy. Everyone, for the moment appears to be out of imminent danger and looks healthy. Indiana is getting VERY pregnant, and Brandi even more so. Brandi's udder has started, and yesterday she was breathing like Darth Vader while I was doing chores. No other changes yet, but I have started her grain and bringing her up to the porch at night before David leaves for work. She's due on the 13th (day 150) but I think we may see kids by…


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