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March 2015 Blog Posts (4)

blue cigars?

Lately I've been wondering if the adage about being able to tell if your pregnant doe is going to have boys because she acts "bucky" while she's pregnant is true. Juniper is being such a bossy girl lately! Her previously shy temperament is going away, and she is bossing Pokey around all the time now. She mounts him, chases him and antagonizes him by nipping at his legs and sides. She also goes around stamping her hoof a lot, not something she used to do. It's so funny. I guess if she does…


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Today was rainy so I didn't get to spend much time with the goats, which is a shame because that's usually my favorite time of day. But the time I did get with them was, um, challenging. That is to say that Pokey thought he could jump up on me and try to climb on me when I was sitting down. And that he'd attempt that coming from a full run! Wow did that hurt. I kept pushing him off and giving a firm "NO" but it still took 3 tries to get him to stop. He reminds me of an adolescent boy…


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hairy issues

Yesterday I noticed that Juniper is growing a beard! She looks so cute with her whiskers. I wonder why Pokey isn't growing one, considering he's the boy. I guess it's hit and miss. He sure has the full neck and shoulders hair that intact bucks have, though. I just can't get over how soft and lush their coats are. I'd always imagined goats having coarse coats, probably because of my previous experience with those poor pitiful petting zoo goats. 

Juni is getting leggy now,…


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My two goats

I'd like to start jotting down all the cute and interesting things that are going on with my duo. It's mostly just for myself, so I can remember the things they do and stuff that happens in my ND goat adventure.

Today they were somewhat jumpy, especially Pokey. I wonder if something got close to their pen last night, or earlier today when I was out running errands. After the incidents with the stray dogs last weekend, I really worry. I'll have to take action if I see those…


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