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January 2013 Blog Posts (3)

Wintering Our Goats

 I thought I'd share a little about how we've set up our barn for the goats for the winter. We have a 17m X 24m (~56' X 80') pole shelter. From what we can tell it was originally just a roof with no walls, possibly intended for hay storage, but at some point it was enclosed with plywood. Over time this plywood has deteriorated leaving gaps. We live on the Canadian Prairies and temperatures get pretty cold. The goats do just fine in our big breezy set-up. 

Some photos:

The door…


Added by Marin Waddell on January 28, 2013 at 12:30pm — 4 Comments

10 below zero

When I went out for chores this morning and to check on the week old triplets it was 10 below zero with a wind chill of -33. Those little ones were jumping around like it was summer!  In the other pen there was a single doeling freshly arrived , full belly, dried off with her mom.  I have the heat lamp on for her and she seems to be doing all right. I did give her a sweater as well.…


Added by Jan on January 23, 2013 at 5:08pm — 3 Comments

Milking Cinnamon

Good morning everyone,

I have some questions, as usual.

Cinnamon had triplets on Dec. 9th. I sold 2 of them on Jan. 13 and they are being bottle fed and doing great. I started milking Cinnamon on the 14th...once a day, by the 16th she was hollering in the afternoon as her bag was really full, so I started milking her twice a day...her one kid is with her all of the time.

The last two mornings, I am getting NO milk and in the afternoon I'm lucky if I get 1/4 cup. Now all…


Added by Adele Rodgers on January 21, 2013 at 11:53am — 5 Comments

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