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Deborah Niemann-Boehle replied to Maggie's discussion Copper toxicity
"Maybe you were thinking like me back in 2004 -- as long as I'm buying from herds that are tested negative for diseases, I don't have to quarantine. And then I learned that it's not that simple. I bought two new bucks this summer, and…"
Nov 27
Deborah Niemann-Boehle replied to Maggie's discussion Copper toxicity
"As the old vet adage says ... most problems are bought and sold. It definitely sounds like those two bucks brought in the parasite problem.  Did that doeling have a case of coccidiosis around two months of age? Sometimes that can damage the…"
Nov 26
Deborah Niemann-Boehle replied to Maggie's discussion Copper toxicity
"Here is more information about Goats 365: It includes access to six courses, including Parasites, which includes interviews with vet professors and researchers about the nitty gritty of worms and…"
Nov 25
Deborah Niemann-Boehle replied to Maggie's discussion Copper toxicity
"If all of your goats came from California and the previous owner did NOT have goats on the pastures, then your goats have the worms they brought with them from California. It make no difference what anyone else in your area has on their farm --…"
Nov 25
Deborah Niemann-Boehle replied to Maggie's discussion Copper toxicity
"This is why tapeworms get blamed for causing problems -- because you can see them. You can't see barber pole worms or any of the other roundworms, and you can't see coccidia. My kids are 25 pounds by 2-3 months so this is not a new problem…"
Nov 24
Deborah Niemann-Boehle replied to Maggie's discussion Copper toxicity
"If I understand correctly, he was 2 year old, and you got him when he was a year, and he has been sick a lot over that year? It's tough when you get a goat from someone else because you may not know what kind of supplementing and deworming…"
Nov 23
Deborah Niemann-Boehle replied to GINGER K BRAUN's discussion Nigerian Dwarf double teat
"Hopefully if she is bred to different bucks you won't see any more teat defects from her. The genetics for teat defects in dairy goats is pretty rare since people breed against that. "
Nov 23
Deborah Niemann-Boehle left a comment for Justin Kernan
"Welcome to the group, Justin! I saw your question about goats in winter. They definitely need to be protected from drafts and water. If they can stay dry and out of the wind, they do okay. Here is more info for…"
Nov 23
Deborah Niemann-Boehle replied to GINGER K BRAUN's discussion Nigerian Dwarf double teat
"Teat defects can hide for generations. But I'm convinced that copper (or maybe selenium) deficiency can bring them out. The first few years we had goats, we had teat defects EVERY year! We also had severe copper deficiency and borderline…"
Nov 23
Deborah Niemann-Boehle replied to Maggie's discussion Copper toxicity
"Years ago I had a kid die about a week after I had given him copper, and his liver level was 250 ppm, which they said was not toxic. It was high but not high enough to kill him. I feel certain after many liver tests that showed copper around 75 to…"
Nov 23
Deborah Niemann-Boehle replied to Jenny's discussion Feeding and shelter questions
"Here is more info on what goats eat -- Does in milk need a goat feed like Purina Goat Feed -- yes, that is the name. Their other goat feeds (like Show Goat, etc) do not have enough…"
Nov 15
Deborah Niemann-Boehle replied to Ann Bodling's discussion Milking Stand Size/Plan Question
"It's been almost 20 years since my husband built our first milking stand, but from what I remember ... He used plans off the Internet at that time. We had no clue that there would be a difference between NDs and other goats, so he followed the…"
Nov 7
Deborah Niemann-Boehle replied to Jodie's discussion Stillborn kids
"Ditto on everything Tammy said. I also am curious about how long you've had this doe and how long she has been with the buck. If she's been with him for very long, I would definitely be thinking about a nutritional deficiency because…"
Oct 16
Deborah Niemann-Boehle replied to Francesco's discussion Spring breeding
"I have had terrible luck getting my goats bred in spring. In fact, one year I decided I was going to do 50/50 in fall and spring, and I wound up with half of my does not getting pregnant! And I had put them in a pen with a buck!  I did a survey…"
Oct 3
Deborah Niemann-Boehle replied to Francesco's discussion Is high butterfat a good or a bad thing?
"Low fat cheese is gross! It can't be made at home or naturally. We made mozzarella with skimmed goat milk one time, and it was like chewing plastic. Parmesan is one of the few cheeses that must be made with low fat milk. But it's not…"
Oct 3
Deborah Niemann-Boehle replied to Ruth Lantis's discussion Getting goats for the first time.
"Hi Ruth! Which Mother Earth News Fairs were you at? It's always fun to reconnect! "
Sep 30

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At 5:31pm on January 6, 2020, Barbara Jean Rondine said…


My goats are not coming into heat,  neither yearlings. Anything I can do to start a heat? Their mother has just had a short heat last month

At 8:58pm on November 25, 2018, Barbara Jean Rondine said…

Another concern is that the mom has developed bumps,  like hives,  on the right side of her udder. She still milks nicely and is eating well.  I walk them in the snow and wonder if this could be an irritant,  but why on half of the udder? The twins are separated from her at night and then i milk the next morning and the kids are with her during the day.  Any ideas here?  We're pretty much without a goat vet here in Fairbanks,  AK.         Thanks,  Barb Rondine

At 8:51pm on November 25, 2018, Barbara Jean Rondine said…


Remember the quints born this summer ? I kept the two doelings and they are 6 months old now. For the past two weeks, or so, one of them has started mounting and vocalizing and nipping at the others and pesters them almost all the time.  She developed a beard and shaggy eyebrows by four months and is very dominant.

  1. Her mother is polled, as is she, and her father is horned. Any ideas to stop this behavior?  Thanks,  Barb Rondine
At 7:31pm on November 25, 2018, Barbara Jean Rondine said…
I've got problems with my kid and mom but can't figure out how to get to the forum page and you. Thanks for the info,
Barbara Rondine
At 1:35pm on November 3, 2016, Akinwale Atepe said…
Hello, Am Akinwale from Nigeria, we are planning on organizing an enlightenment program and training seminar on the first ever dairy goat farming in Nigeria. I wish to request for your partnership in terms of technical support since one of our choice animal is the Nigeria Dwarf Goat. We are expecting more than 200 prospective farmers to participate in the program. Hoping to hear from you soonest.
At 5:32pm on May 12, 2016, Curtis said…
Figure I'd give you an update on my doe. I've been using Solgar Chelated Zinc Tablets for almost 2 weeks and it seems to have made very fast difference in her hair and skin. Crust is gone! I've been dosing one 22mg tablet a day in milk stand feed. Though I was doing Eprinex pour-on before, that only seemed to work so much. I feel Zinc deficiency can be precursor to allow a mite attack and/or mimic it in ways. A lady I purchased a buck from had a doe with same condition for two winters we both had in our doe. She started using Zinpro Pro Care and saw great improvement.
This should be a help for future goat people looking for help and answers!
At 12:37pm on March 2, 2016, Curtis said…
Thanks Deborah for the fast response! I concur with your thoughts on it being mites. I've picked up the Eprinex pour-on today and was planning on doing it tomorrow. Wondering what exactly you did to your girl. I was was going to do around 3ml down her back. How fast did you see results?

Few notes have your girls experience this before or recur in the same doe? Did her milk also cut back from symptoms of mites?
At 12:09pm on February 9, 2016, Pam Honken said…

Hi Deborah, I'm the new member going to see my vet today. I seem to have two accounts on The Goat Spot. I signed up in October 2015 but when I revisited the site a few days ago I was informed that I didn't have an account and needed to sign up (again). How do I delete the first account I set up in October??


At 4:43pm on December 31, 2015, Jeremy Engel said…

Thanks Deborah!

I just found out yesterday that Nigerian Dwarf's made it to our shores, which I'm really excited about, so I'm here to learn everything I can before I get started.
 Thank you for making this place, its awesome.

Happy new year :)


At 3:44pm on December 21, 2015, Marin Waddell said…
Hi Deborah,
Just thought I'd let you know that we've decided to close our cheese business. In fact we're selling the goats and our farm. We're all healthy and fine, but we realized it wasn't something we were going to continue with.
We'd always planned for my husband to work less and less in the city and more and more on the farm, but his career took off in a way we never expected. Plus we had 3 kids in 4 years (now 6, 3 & 2) meaning I wasn't able to help out very much. We had a couple of employees, but really, we needed someone to run much of the farm side of things and that wasn't something we could afford to pay for. When our employee this year quit for a non-seasonal job and my husband returned to the twice a day milkings he found himself starting to doze off on his commute. We realized we had to choose between his career (which he really enjoys) and the cheese business. His career won. And then we decided that we don't want this whole farm with an hour commute to the city if we don't have a business.
We'll be moving into the city late winter. The plan is to be there for a couple of years to regroup and then we'll likely end up on an acreage possibly with a goat or two and some chickens.
It's a sucky decision, but at no point have we felt it was the wrong one. There were certainly a lot of tears as we said goodbye to favourite customers and certain goats.
I really appreciated this website as we were getting going, although I haven't been on it much in the past couple of years. Thank-you for all the information that you provided through it.

Marin Waddell

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