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I would like to make some good strawberry ice cream.  However to get it to taste like strawberry ice cream, it's had to be a 50/50 mixture which comes out to be more like sherbet.  I have read that dehydrated strawberries are the best thing to use for strawberry ice cream.  That defeats the purpose of completely natural ingredients.

This week, my Baker seed catalog arrived.  In it they have Alpine strawberries which they describe as small but "intense flavor tends to be very rich, and they are super sweet."  Has anyone ever used these, or even grown them, to comment on how much more intense the flavor might be than our "standard" strawberries?  I'm thinking if they have twice the flavor in the same size bit, it might be my answer.  In the meantime, I've gone to just having vanilla ice cream with strawberries over it, much more satisfying than the strawberry ice cream I have made.  I do want to have a Neapolitan ice cream which, of course, needs strawberry ice cream.

Thoughts about this?

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I think it's worth a shot! I have three different types of strawberries in my garden, and one is much sweeter than the other two. It's a June bearer. I think I read somewhere that they tend to be tastier than everbearers, but don't quote me on that. Sorry I don't remember the name of it any longer. I originally put names on the beds, but they didn't last. :(


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