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Which pregnancy test is better... the blood test or the P-Test? I want to use the P-Test, but I want to know which test is more accurate.

So, has anyone used the P-Test? If so, was it better/worse/the same as the Biopryn blood test?

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I've used the blood test quite a bit and had great results. I have not used the P-test, but I have had some people tell me that it gave them false positives. I bought the P-test when I first heard it was available, but actually going out there to catch your goat's urine is more of a challenge than I expected. I know they usually pee soon after standing up from their afternoon nap. I just never make it out there to actually stand around with a little dixie cup and do it. 

Okay. Thanks for the response! I'll have to think about it a little more before I decide.

Let us know if you use the P-test and what you think. Even though I've had mine for a few years, the expiration date is 7/21, so I still have time to try them. I need to make a solid effort to get out there with a stack of dixie cups this fall a month after breeding! 

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