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Where can I find out what codes like *D and TX mean?

I keep googling this to no avail. and frustrated. I want to know what all these little acronyms and symbols mean next to all the registered goats names I'm looking at. Is there a page on adga or ags or anywhere that deciphers what these all stand for??


1*M ... CH..*D...TX...what does it mean??

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LMAO! I LOVE IT! I think you mean we are so smart our brains just can't hold anymore! Wish I could just add some new disk for storage space! Heck, while I'm at it  I want to buy an organizational program that can be downloaded into my brain. Wouldn't it be nice? HEHE!


I am right there with you, we need a goat dictionary to figure out these pedigrees. The problem is, it changes with the registry. I am also trying to figure out the naming protocol. It is tricky for sure! Just keep on learning goat talk one day at a time.


I just noticed your post is from 2011!

The results of your research are very helpful, thank you!

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