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Hi Everyone,

  One of my 13 week old wethers has started bleeding from the banded area. He was banded before we brought him home, close to 4 weeks ago. Before I do anything else, I wanted to ask what to do. He isn't dripping blood but some has drizzled down the inside of his back leg. Because he is still not ready to be petted or touched we'll have to grab him for me to see what is really going on and I don't want to have to do that too many times.  I'm having trouble finding posts about this and care of his scrotum when this happens.

I am thinking of washing it off with warm water and then spraying with BluCoat, which his breeder told me to use, unless I find something else really wrong. Would that be the right thing to do? I'm wondering whether his scrotum finally separating from the rest of him is something like a new baby's umbilical cord stump that sometimes oozes or bleeds just before coming off.

If there is something else I should be looking at or for when my husband comes home and is here to help, I'll appreciate knowing. The wether doesn't seem to be bothered by it, as far as licking or scratching to seeming to be paying attention to it at all. I'm not opposed to calling in the vet but if this is something I can take care of, I'd rather do that.

Thanks so much.

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Hi Ann

I don't castrate with bands, so I am not sure exactly how to answer this question. Deborah does mention bleeding from the band site when the scrotum starts to separate in one of her videos. I sent her a message asking for advice on this, so one of us will get back to you here =)


Thanks Tammy! You are becoming a welcome mentor and answerer of my questions! :)

Four weeks seems like a long time for it come off after banding. Does it look really tight and small? I just really want to be sure they used a real elastrator band and not a regular rubber band, which I have heard of, and it did not end well for the goat. 

A little blood is okay, as long as it doesn't stink or have pus also. I'd make sure he is staying in an area that is free of mud or a lot of loose dirt that could get into that space. A normal grassy pasture or a stall with plenty of bedding should be fine. 

Otherwise, just keep an eye on him. As long as he is continuing to eat, drink, and play like a normal kid, I wouldn't be worried. But you find him laying in the corner of the barn hiding, that would be a sign that he does not feel well, and I'd worry about a systemic infection at that point. 

Ok. Thanks Deborah. All four, from two different breeders have been with us for about 3 weeks and 4 days. All were banded and all still have their scrotums. I'll get in touch with the breeders and ask if they know for sure what day each was banded and will take a close look at this little guy tomorrow morning.   Thanks again.  He was still his frolicking self this evening, thankfully.

Actually, I just looked back at emails from the breeder and it looks like he was wethered almost 5 weeks ago.  Hmmm....I'll keep an eye out and be in touch with the vet if this isn't resolved by Monday and sooner if he declines before then.

Please keep us updated. Interested to know how things progress.

Hi Tammy and Deborah,

   The little guy still seems perky but it looks as if the band has slid down a little ways from where his scrotum attaches to his abdomen and the scrotum still looks like it has some life in it. I don't like the look of it and so will call the vet in the morning and see what she has to say when she sees him. One of the other wethers' scrotum detached today and the other two still have theirs but they are pretty withered up so I am hoping all is well with them. Still, it has been more than 4 weeks for each of them.  I'll report back after the vet comes and goes. Thanks again for your help.

Oh No! It sounds like they may have used a band that was too big? Where you able to see what color the band is? The scrotum and testicles should be shriveled and hard, like mummified, by now I would think.

Hi Tammy and Deborah,

   This morning when I took them their water and to check on them, I found the little guy had separated from his scrotum. So, somehow, at some point in the night, I guess it detached and he seems fine today. I am very grateful.  Maybe it looked like the band had slipped because the whole scrotum was hanging on my some bit of tissue...Whatever happened, I am glad it is now over.  Thanks again for your encouragement and suggestions...On to whatever comes next! :)

I'm glad to know it was a normal castration band and that he's doing well. It's been more than 10 years since we stopped banding, so I guess I'd forgotten how long it can take for them to fall off. 

Okay ... funny banding story to lighten the mood ... my husband once saw what he thought was a dead chick floating in a water trough. He quickly grabbed it and then noticed a castration band on one end and realized it was testicles. That's the only pair of testicles we ever saw after they fell off. 

Haha...Thanks Deborah.

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