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Kidding has started at Tiny Tales Farm.  We have turned on the web cam.  It can be viewed by going to our web site,   and clicking on the link on the home page.  Click on 'View Video'.  Then click on the small box with the dot in it.  It will ask you to download a small Linksys file.  It is safe.  The the camera should come on.  It is easier to see in the daytime, at night the lights glare.   Please watch for a while then close it because only three can watch at a time.


Jeanette & Dave Walker


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I clicked on the link, which took me to the Linksys page. It didn't ask me to do anything, so I clicked on the link to view, and it didn't do anything, so I clicked on setup, and it asked me for a password. Any suggestions?

Also, can you tell us where you got the WebCam and how you set up all of this? And does it work in a metal barn?

Thanks! This is really exciting!
I cannot give you the password. It is to set up the camera and if it gets changed is a PAIN to get right again. Do you have an Apple or MAC? It may not work on them. On the linksys page click on 'View Video'. In the middle of the page is a small box with a dot in it. Click on that and it will then ask you to download the file.

I had someone else set up the web cam. It is in a metal barn. We have a wireless router and there is an antenna mounted on the outside of tha barn that is directed at the router. If there is an ice storm and the antenna gets covered by ice or something it will not work.
It didn't work for me either. :(

The web cam is a great idea! We too have one and it is great for lambing season!! (no kids are born on this farm, just sheep!)
I'm sorry you can't get it to work. It may be that too many are trying to see at the same time. Maybe try later.

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