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This is a close up of what my does udder looks like so far. Based on her udder what would you say how far long she is and when she’ll kid? In a week? 2 weeks? I just need more insight Thanks

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Hi Sofi- it is really hard to give you an estimate based on an udder picture. Folks will give you their 'guess' but that really is all it is. Once you get to know your does, you will be able to make a good guess from looking at their udders, because you know what they did in previous gestations. They typically will get SUPER full right before they kid, but some does will fill up during labor. The best way is to check her ligaments daily. Were you able to find the info that Deborah replied with explaining where to find the links for checking them?

I have attached pics of 2 of my 1st freshener does this year for you to see the difference between them. The gold one filled up very full on the day of delivery. The black one did not really have an amazing transition.brier%20after%20ud.jpgbrier%20before%20ud.jpgtruffle%20before%20ud.jpgtruffle%20after%20ud.jpg

Sofi- you should also pick up an inexpensive baby monitor. You can leave that in her enclosure so that you will hear her when she goes into hard labor. Most goats will scream pretty loud when they start pushing. It is always best to be there if at all possible when she delivers so that you can help out if needed. Most of the time it is as simple as getting the baby out of the sack or clearing the sack away from it's mouth and nose after birth. Sometimes they deliver close together, and mom doesn't have time to get to them quickly enough.

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