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What is the latest that anyone has seen an udder start to develop on a first freshener?

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Maybe one out of 100 will fill up around the time they freshen. However, you should feel something at least a couple of weeks before they kid. I never say anything is impossible, but if if her udder area is flat as a pancake, she wouldn't kidding anytime soon. What are you seeing or feeling, and how pregnant do you think the doe is? 

I was mostly just curious because I had a doe this year that started to develop her udder latter than my other does have. She’s currently 15 weeks along and just started to show some udder growth. Usually my does start to develop an udder in the third month and then bag up the day they kid. I had confirmed her pregnancy via ultrasound so I knew she was pregnant but I also know there’s a wide range of normal so I was just curious about others experiences. 

OK -- I understand your question now. Most people ask that question because they have a doe that they think is past due and she has no udder. 

I don't think I've really felt for an udder any earlier than six weeks prior to due date, and many have a noticeable amount of development by then, but I couldn't really say exactly when it started because I never checked earlier than that. 

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