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We have had ND goats for several years which means with 10 does we have had many kiddings - all without any major issues.   Last Monday our 3 year old Hali delivered three beautiful doelings.  She did well for the first day, but by that night she was down and we suspected ketosis.  The next morning when she appeared more sickly we took her to the vet who determined that she had mastitis.  We were shocked since nothing had been noticeable the night before and she had a normal temp.  He explained that mastitis can progress very quickly so it was entirely possible that it screamed up overnight.  He sent us home with antibiotics, ToDay,  and Banamine.  Of course we pulled the kids and relocated them to the house so that we could care for them as mom could no longer nurse them.  By the next morning (2 days post-delivery) it was clear that she was in trouble.  We bypassed our regular vet and took her to the specialty hospital who determined that it was an extremely aggressive bacteria and, although offering very little hope for recovery, added one additional antibiotic to try to combat the bacteria.  We followed the protocol, tried to get her to eat, and milked what we could.  Last night we lost our precious Hali.  Thankfully we were with her when she died.  What made it doubly painful is that just that morning we took the smallest of her kids to the same hospital because, although she had been fine for the first 5 days, she was now suddenly having difficulty sucking and her heart rate and breathing raced whenever she ate.  Even trying a syringe exhausted her so we knew we likely had something major going on.  The vet opted to keep her for observation and tube feedings overnight.  This morning they called to say that Pepper did in fact have a very enlarged heart with fluid accumulating around her heart sac.  The only treatment was to drain the fluid which came with its own set of risks, but that would only help her immediate issue - it would not solve her heart defect and she would continue to worsen.  So after losing Hali last night we had to put down one of her babies today.  Hali was well loved and will be greatly missed by us and her herdmates.  Little Pepper barely got a chance at life, but she made her way into our hearts from the moment she was born.   The other two doelings who think jumping on my couch is acceptable are an incredible blessing....the loss of my two girls is incredible heartache. 

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Thank you, Judy.  It's been rough each time as you know much too well.  I am so grateful to not have lost any of my does though heartbroken about the little ones.

I am happy for you (and Cali and Halo) the the little ones are back in the barn.  It is so precious that your wether is being a guardian for them.  It seems a great thing you are keeping them even though it was not the original plan.

Judy Metcalf said:

Glenna Rose - How tragic for you to have had so many losses.  I am so sorry.

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