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Is this a fine tattoo kit for the nigerian dwarfs? I didn't add a link, but here is the description.

  • Special 3/8" letters & numbers fit right into the instrument
  • Use on pigs, sheep, goats, cattle and livestock
  • Holds up to 4 letters or numbers at a time
  • Permanently tattoos the inside of an animal's ear
  • High-quality, sandblasted aluminium pliers: lightweight at 10.2oz

Tattoo kit with ear release lifts needles and prevents blurred tattooing. Standard size for medium and large animals. Complete kit with pliers, one set of letters (A-Z) & numbers (0-9), a 3-oz. jar of green ink and 5 pairs of Nitrile gloves.

BOCCS Tattoo Kit Standard


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That sounds good. My #1 recommendation on tattoo pliers is that they have a quick release. We originally bought one that one supposed to be sized for Nigerians, and we had to PEEL all of those needles off the ear while the goat screamed and kicked. It was kind of a nightmare. I was always afraid one of them was going to rip an ear. Then we bought a goat from someone, and they tattooed it after we got there. Their tattoo pliers had the quick release, and I came home and bought two! We have one for each ear. One has our herd tattoo in it forever. The other one is changed for the goat's individual ID number. 

Okay, great! Thanks for responding. I'm sure the quick release is awesome to have. This one says "ear release" so I'm assuming it's the same thing. Hopefully.

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