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Hi all

looking for some wisdom and advice on dry season goat feed.  I've found a new (to me) product that they are calling soy beans, but its mushed up crumbly bits so I'm guessing its the skins of the beans that have been soaked and put through a grinder, not sure.  The goats love it but I'm wondering what beans does to their stomach, and would this stuff be better fermented (ie soaked in water for 2 days) before giving to them

Any thoughts?



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I'd find out exactly what it is. In the US, soybeans are the seeds, and they're roasted before being ground up and used as animal feed. It's pretty powdery. I don't remember the science off the top of my head, but it's hard to digest raw beans. I'm not sure if fermenting them would be a good option. The local feed mills in our area roast them, so it's nothing I've looked into before.

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