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I have a lamancha x Nubian doe who was bred by my old nigi buck. she had 2 kids both bucks .it looks like they're not using all the milk, the mother is always walking around with this huge udder.

what should I do ? should I take the extra milk so she will keep producing a large amount.

1 baby had elf ears 1 had Nubian

p.s. sorry not really a nigi question.

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Definitely take the extra milk! You can milk her all you want and it will keep her production UP. Good for you!!

i would also take the extra

I guess I missed the line where I said babies where only 1 week old today. they seem very healthy. they sleep a lot . it looks as though they don't eat at night (but, she might be feeding them. ).

when should I take the milk and do i need todo the 12 hrs apart thingy ? I was gonna take it in morning  and then just leave some back for the twins and let them drink all day as she makes it and  then keep together at night and so on... let me know what you think if i'm doing it right . thnks dion

It doesn't matter how old they are if you don't separate them. She is making extra milk and you can have it. The second you milk her she is making more for the babies. Just don't separate them and enjoy the extra milk!

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