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I am looking to buy a buckling from Iowa and have it shipped to Massachusetts.  Does anyone have a recommendation on a shipper? 

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We fly goats wherever they need to go. I had a buck flown to Illinois from as far away as Alaska. And I've personally shipped goats all over the US. It's very safe. In fact, they take so many precautions, it kind of drives you crazy as a shipper. They cannot have more than one layover, and the temperatures have to be within a certain range at the origin and the destination, as well as any place where there is a layover. If I were shipping a hairless dog, I'd understand that, but my goats are accustomed to living outdoors 12 months a year. But I do understand they just want to be careful. 

I've seen people spout a lot of silly stuff in some online groups -- like there is no temperature control in the baggage compartment, which is just plain crazy. Temperatures at 30,000 feet are well below zero, and everyone would be arriving at their destination with busted shampoo bottles in their suitcase if there were no temp control. 

Who do I call?  I am assuming there are specialized shippers?  Or is this something that I just call Fed Ex or UPS? 

Delta and American Airlines are the two main animal shippers. Here is what I have on my website about shipping by air:

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