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Hello everyone! This is the first time that i have posted to the group and would like to thank everyone in advance who might be able to give me some information. I have a a female goat who will be kidding in about a month. I also have her brother who is wethered. They were both bottle babies and are inseparable for the most part. My question is, should i separate the  two of them now or wait until closer to birthing or not separate at all. I know that if one goes out into the pasture without the other one, they both go crazy. Any information would be great.



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They'll probably be fine together throughout everything, assuming he is not always beating up on her. They are herd animals, so they should not be alone -- as the goats have told you when you tried to separate them. 

I think it depends on the doe - I have a couple of stalls set up especially for new moms.   Just the last month I had one girl have triplets and she wanted in there and left alone for 5 days.   My other girl was in there for only a day and a half and wanted to join the others.    I always feel that they "tell" me what to do with their actions.   Sometimes a wether can be pretty rough compared to the does behavior so it depends on him also.    I like my girls separated when birthing so I can keep a close eye on how things are going and to make sure babies are nursing well.  

Thank you for the advice, I'm watching her close as she should be kidding in approximately 30 days. I'll play it by ear and see how it goes. This is my first time having babies so I'm excited but nervous. Once again thanks for the advice.

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