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We just had quads today. I gave them each a little nutridrench squirt. I've seen them nurse. I would like some advise on how long to wait for them to get the colostrum before I decide to bottle feed one? She has done well with triplets last year, this is her 4th kidding. Should I concider bottle feeding?

Opinions would be appreciated!


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Can't share any wisdom with you, but congratulations Tammy! Best of luck.

I try to not remove babies and bottle feed but will give them a bottle feeding several times a day in addition to what they get from mom.  For me I find that I just have to play it by ear.  If you remove one it would be alone and that is hard on them I think.  If you watch them closely you can see if they are getting enough.   If she were mine I would keep her locked up from the others till I can really see how the feeding is going.    There are so many options and most of them work just fine.    Good luck with your new babies.   I still have a while till birthing - love that time of year.

I have also given supplement bottle to baby goats and lambs using the milk replacer but leaving them with mom so they are getting both and they have done well.  I have never had a problem using milk replacer either but only use Land O Lake.

Several people I know remove all the babies after a couple of days and bottle feed them so they can milk the doe but I feel bad for the moms so don't do that either. 

Like Bev, I watch the kids. If you have a scale that weighs in pounds and ounces, it's a good idea to weigh them and see how their weight gain compares with each other. It will become obvious fairly quickly who is not keeping up. 

If you don't have a scale, you can simply offer each one a bottle a couple of times a day and see who seems to desperately suck it down. 

Sometimes I've had luck leaving them with mom, sometimes not. When some realize that they can get this wonderful bottle without fighting their siblings, they immediately bond to you. Others still want mama and will still continue to try to nurse, leaving less for siblings. I've had some who I knew were not gaining weight, and they still refused the bottle as long as they were with mom, so I had to take them away and work with them a lot before they would take the bottle, even though they were gaining weight at an unacceptably slow rate.

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