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Hello all my Nigerian loving friends!

I need a little help and I'm hoping some of you can help. Recently, I was informed by a 4-Her I helped get started that her Nigerians were turned away for entry in the dairy goat show at her county 4-H show. She was told they don't belong in dairy and was forced to show with the Pygmy goats. 

I happen to have a connection with this county 4-H and mentioned this story to the county director. Given my previous volunteer history in the county with the goat project, he 100% believed me and said he would get things corrected so Nigerians can show as dairy. However, since he is not a goat person, he wants me to give him some pieces of evidence he can take with him to the livestock committee meeting in case he is challenged so he has credibility. 

Here's where your help would be valued. :)

Obviously, I can give him a link to the ADGA to show that the breed is recognized, but what else can I give him? Thoughts?

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My goodness!  I would have him google Nigerian Dwarf goats and read all about them!   I guess because there are a lot of NDs in our area, but the breed I thought was more visible than that!  I even have people who don't know goats, when they learn I have a herd, will ask if I have Nigerian Dwarf.  It sounds like that county will be getting some good education. :)

I can't believe this is an issue in 2017! They are recognized by the American Dairy Goat Association. That only happened in 2005, but that was 12 years ago. If they have an ADGA judge, then that judge will know that NDs are a sanctioned breed. A pygmy judge would have NO clue what to do with a ND, and they'd be dead last because the judging protocol is totally different. This is so sad.

Thankfully, the person in charge is open to changing things --- he just has to have proof to explain to the goat committee. I am hoping he is able to convince them! 

That's odd I just got grand champion dry doe at my county fair with one of my little Nigerians. You could use this link as evidence that Nigerians are a recognized dairy breed.
At our Linear Appraisal Sun, the appraisers comment when she saw one of our does was.." now that's a workimg girl". And she milked 2 quarts after that!

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