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Taking my 2 year old doe to the vet today and hoping for good news. She is gest day 132 and just passed a large blood clot, is pawing the ground and has a sersanguinous discharge. Sigh! If we were at day 145, I would be jumping for joy! She is a second time freshener (single for delivery last March) and is HUGE this time. Has anyone ran into this before?

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We used to have a lot of preterm kids before we discovered we had a problem with copper deficiency. The youngest we ever had survive were born at day 135. Let us know what happens.

So, sorry for the delay in responding..goat babies and grandbabies all delivered in the past 2 weeks.
Our doe held off delivering until day 144...still dropping clots for 5 days beforehand. Looooonnnng labor and 2 hours of hard pushing (vet on the way) ended up with a breech doe delivery followed by two more babies! Singletons last year and triplets this year!. Babies doing well and keeping everyone entertained.
It is a strange year doe kidding here...our other doe was due the same day and chose to deliver twins 4 days early. So strange!
:-) Robin

Congratulations! I'm so glad she held out to 144!

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