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I have a 2 year old ff who just gave birth to triplets. Unfortunately she is not being very kind to them, head buts them whenever they try to go near her, and not gently. I have tried to hold her to allow them to nurse but she is having none of it. I finally put her in the milk stand and milked out about 4 oz which has been shared amongst the 3 kids by bottle. I am afraid to leave her alone with them. Have been in the kidding pen for 2 hours now and she is still having none of it. Would love any advice!

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Sorry to hear that. I'm betting that it's something wonky with her hormones. Hopefully they will be normal next time, so she'll accept her kids.

As for what to feed the kids ... you'll hear people argue all day long about what's best to feed if you don't have enough goat milk. The only thing I do NOT recommend are the all-species milk replacers. We used a few different goat milk replacers at various times, and they all worked equally well.

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