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Have any of you ever seen this before? One of my bucklings frequently has his glans sticking out of his sheath. Not fully extending and not displaying any other breeding or peeing characteristics. It almost looks stuck sometimes but if touched he fully retracts it. He will walk around acting totally normal with the glans out. It also looks different from other bucks. It’s much more like a thick tube as opposed to the typical slender shaft with distinct head.

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It does look different, but I probably wouldn't worry about it if he is acting normal. If you're concerned, you could ask your vet about it. Most of them are happy to answer questions over the phone and let you know if they think you need to come in. 

If it were me, I would have a vet take a look at that. It may be the angle of the photo, but it looks huge compared to the normal tip of the penis, and I do not see a urethral process. The anatomy just does not look correct. Has it always been that way and how old is this boy? 

I agree. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen. He pees normally and is the biggest of his siblings so I know he’s growing fine and continually. He certainly doesn’t seem to be affected by it but it just threw me off the first few times I saw it. I first noticed it about a week ago. Before that I had never seen him extend or anything so I can’t say if it’s always been like that. As I said he’s always peed fine. He’s 3mo old. 

The more I think about this the more I wonder if he will be able to breed a doe. I'd be interested to hear what a vet says about it. Let us know what you learn. 

Yeah I was wondering about that too. I was wondering if this was a defect he could pass on too and thinking maybe I should wether him. I’ll see what the vet says. Thanks guys!

I have an answer! It is a prolapse of his prepuce. Just needed to be pushed in and lightly stitched. 

Wow! How interesting! Thanks for the update! 

Thank you so much for letting us know. What an unusual scenario! So very glad that it was a quick fix!

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