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  we r new to this group, and very glad to find ,such a group that loves goats the way we do. My wife and i are both retired, my wife wanted something to do, when she retired, she ask, How about goats?? will i will thinking maybe a cruise or something big. She said, Goats...that was a cheap way out for me.   Found two beautiful NDG, both were twins, fell in love first site. Had them about 8 month, got me a little bottle fed buck, my wife feed him, now he is 9 months old. And we will be having our own first babies, around the end of March, or first of April.   We have 1 1/2 acres , along with 15 chickens. .and one English Springer, who love our goats as well.    We r not to old to learn, and r still learning everyday.    Hope u all have a Blessed Day

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Welcome to the group, and congratulations on your first goats! Are you thinking about milking the does? 

You might want to think about getting another buck if you want to keep doe kids. Otherwise, the buck will need a wether companion after the kids are born. You don't want him to breed the doelings when they are too small. 

Thank u very much. And yes we r going to be milking our does, (i hope)..planning to make butter.  And our buck, doesn't stay with our does, he stays n his own pen ,next to the does. we just don't allow him to stay together. Depending on the kids, I will be looking at a new buck, which will be later.  But again, Thanks for the info . Hope u have a Blessed Day

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