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Is anyone on this forum using Oil of Orgena as a dewormer?  Would love to know if its a good alternative, or perhaps supplement to chemical wormers.

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I never said that DE works as a dewormer. In fact, I said quite the opposite. If your vet recommended monthly deworming, then he or she is not aware of the research that has been done in the last ten years that shows that WILL lead to dewormer resistance. There is not one single reputable source that says you should deworm monthly. Ivermectin may work initially, but it won't work if you continue to use it monthly. The worms will become resistant to it just as bacteria become resistant to antibiotics if you use them regularly.

Barber pole worms kills by sucking blood and making the goat anemic. Once the worms are dead, they are no longer sucking blood, so if the ivermectin worked, then the worms could not have killed him. I've had goats come back from a FAMACHA score of 1 (meaning severely anemic) after being given a dewormer. But more than ten years ago -- when a vet told me to give a dewormer every month -- I wound up sitting there watching goats die even though I had given them ivermectin and Cydectin and everything else that was commercially available. Just as the research shows, the worms on my farm had become resistant to all of the chemical dewormers, and they no longer worked. If you have other goats, I really hope you will read the info I linked above because you will find yourself with more dead goats if you continue deworming monthly.

Darleen Somley said:

Dusty died because the breeder used DE. He was infested when I got him. Ivermec cleared up the worms but the damage was done and he never fully recovered. My vet recommended monthly worming with Ivermec and never expect DE to do the job. 

Just my experience with diamatious earth.

Hello from Florida! We are basically a parasite paradise and battle things like Barberpole and coccidia year round. I began using Oregano essential oil (heavily diluted) in conjunction with sweet orange essential oil as a treatment/preventative. I have a very small farm (1 acre). The does have 2 pens that we rotate back and forth every 2 months. Each pen is about 1/4 acre. I have had really good success with the essential oil in addition to fir meadow herbal wormers on my goats. 

I use oregano oil and Fir Meadow Gi-soother  as a coccidia preventative in my kids and have Toltrazuril as a back-up. I mix 1 drop of oregano EO in 5mL of olive oil and give each kid one (1) mL of that dilution twice a day for 3 days in a row. During that time they also get a pinch of GI-soother twice a day. I have not had any issues with coccidia this year using this method. I've found that the oregano also makes them expel tapes! 

For my adult does I do 1 drop of oregano EO and 2 drops of sweet orange EO in 6mL of olive oil and give that twice a day for 3 days, then do a second round 10 days later.  Orange oil has been shown to be effective in the treatment and control of barberpole worms, and I have had very good results. 

I also leave a mixture of the GI-soother, Deworm A and Thorvin kelp out in the mineral feeder free choice. Since I started doing this everyone looks great! The kids eat it a lot more than the adults do. 
This may not work for everyone, but it has been very effective on my farm. I also feed Lespedeza pellets as their evening feeding. I have not noticed any strange flavor in the milk. They didn't like it at first, but they are such piggies that they eat it anyway lol. 

be careful using essential oils. They (especially oregano) can cause liver damage, so make sure they are properly diluted before use. From my understanding, oil of oregano is just very diluted oregano essential oil. I bought myself a bottle of expensive Oil of Oregano capsules, then went to the company website and discovered diluted oregano essential oil is all that it was lol. 

I can't speak to how effective oregano would be by itself because I've always used it in conjunction with other things, but I really feel like it has helped here a lot with coccidia and tapes. 

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