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stayed up night with my pygmy doe . unfortunately she had delivered  twins ... well when i bought her in mid jan 2015 they said she should deliver late feb early march latest. so when we didn't see any  advancement in the process ,then we figured she wasn't pregnant . and they didn't even have a name for the other pygmy we bought . so they looked as they had been sitting in liquid for quit some time.

very sad day

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also she has not bagged up so barely an udder.but,some milk should i still try to milk her ?

Oh man!! So sorry! Did you lose the twins? I'm not familiar specifically with pygmies, but she should have gotten at least something of an udder. Do you know how old she is, and if this is her first kidding? 

now where we got her from was a big horse farm and they let the goats run free and gave them a nice horse barn. but, that's where everything nice stops. they didn't have a name for the other pregnant pygmy we got.(we named the brain) anyhow, they said she was 6 and pregnant and named pinky. we'll we had little ones with the other doe(lost 1 buck twin.not there when born 1doe 1 buck) and didn't see any change in her. the other pygmy got huge. and she didn't so we assumed...and were wrong.and yes they probably had died alittle while back. i've talked to others and have heard 3 days to a week maybe.. yeah it was bad. it's possible we may lose momma. its touch and go. so pray for her. and they said she had kidded 3-4 times before.  could explain why about a week ago she was constantly ramming her head on the walls for few hours. didn't know what to do.

So sorry! If the kids were really small, and mama didn't have an udder, she may have given birth prematurely.

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