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Hows it going! My name is Jacob and my wife is meagan and we have 2 goats. They are siblings, 4 1/2 months old and are the sweetest little things you'll ever meet. We live in Cleburne, TX and are looking to learn as much as we can before shes old enough to be bred. We are raising them Primarily for our milk production as well as soaps and things. Glad to meet you all!

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Welcome to the group!

You mentioned your goats being old enough to breed, but really it's size that's important. They should be at least 40 pounds, which they could reach by anywhere between 7 months and 18 months. In the meantime, just keep lovin' em!

Welcome! :) 

For what it's worth, Jacob and Meagan, I wait to breed my girls until the fall after their first birthday.  That way they have obtained their full growth or close to it prior to kidding.
When I bought my first two does, one was the yearling daughter.  In the year between then and when she had her kids the next spring (bred her that fall), she had grown significantly enough that others noticed it (as did I).  That told me that her bones were *not* mature that first fall and would not have been if she had kidded at a year old as so many goats are bred to do.  Each person must make their own decision as to how they handle their herd. For me, the long-term health of my girls is what matters. I also believe the kids will be healthier in the long-term if mom is more mature when they are growing rather than also trying to finish her own growth. I've been criticized for saying it, but a 14-year-old girl *can* have a baby but that does not mean she should.
Most of all - WELCOME to this wonderful world of goats.  They steal your heart and will never return it.

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