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Hello! New to being a goat person, and I’m curious who’s the loudest bucks, wethers, or does? I want to welcome two goats into my backyard, but I don’t want to drive my neighbors crazy.
Also, can a young, unfriendly goat be rehabilitated into being a happy, friendly pet?

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Welcome to the group and the wonderful world of goats! Wethers make the best pets for multiple reasons. Since they don't have the hormones of bucks, they don't fight or pee on themselves. Since they don't have the hormones of does, they don't come into heat every 21 days and possibly scream bloody murder, hoping to attract a boyfriend. Not all does will do that, and they won't do it every month, but if you have nearby neighbors, odds are good that at some point they will decide they don't ever want to hear a doe in heat again. (They won't even know why she's screaming, of course.) I have heard of more than one person having the police show up during breeding season because someone thought they heard a woman screaming. 

When you say you want them in your backyard, I hope you don't really mean your backyard. You can't let goats run around your yard. They will eat every living things -- roses, daylilies, hedges, pine trees, apple trees, etc.

And without a fence, they will run all over the neighborhood, plus they will be prey to dogs who think they are play things. Far too many goats are killed every year by dogs whose owners swear it would never hurt a flea. 

Goats are not as friendly as dogs when they meet strangers. As prey animals, the first thing always on their mind is, "are you going to eat me?" But like dogs, they can be bribed! You can usually win over goats with their stomach. It doesn't even need to be treats. Just a handful of grain in a pan can be used to get them to trust you. 

Regarding noisy, visit the farm where you will buy your goats.  If they are noisy there, they will be noisy with you.
My observation is that bottle babies are worst for noise - humans are their food source so when they see you, they will start screaming and it continues into adulthood.  None of my goats (with the exception of one who was supplemented with a bottle) has ever been noisy (except does in heat).

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