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Hi, so I am a newbie goat owner of both Nigerians and pygmy's. I have one buck and 3 does however will be rehoming the pygmy one due to just not fitting in. I have a question. I bought a pygmy/Nigerian cross in october and was told she was possibly bred. She's young like really young! Well I believe she is developing an udder but since I'm new to this I'm not certain. I shaved her yesterday for a better look since she has some major winter fluff! She could be due anywhwre from feb-march 17th. I'm leaning towards march if she is.

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I've been doing tons of research on malpostioned kids and how to take care of other problems that may occur even after birth and have talked to a local breeder for a vet recommendation although the vet she recommends is not as close as I'd like so I am still searching for someone else.

I wouldn't be too worried about malpositioned kids or anything like that. Most kids are born just fine. One study said 95% are born without assistance. The concern here is the size. If a kid is too big for the dam, it's not coming out without a c-section. But her size won't necessarily cause any other problems with birthing. I might be a little worried about how much milk she'd make, if she's too young, but that would depend on genetics. I've seen does that age on milk test.

She is part pygmy so as far as milking genes go I wouldn't assume she would be some awesome milker. I will have some milk on hand then just in case as well as a vet to call. She was also bred to a pygmy and he also doesn't look big but... pygmies are also known to have rough births so I am constantly back and forth on she is going to do.

Just realized I never posted a picture of her face. She has horns too, but tiny petite horns like all of her. She is by far the fluffiest of all my goats lol this was from the tiny bit of snow we actually got.

and that is a picture of the "pygmy buck" that was around her the entire time. He doesn't look full pygmy to me though he looks part Nigerian as well but I'm not certain.

He doesn't look full Pygmy to me either.  I think there's some ND in there. 

I wonder if he not only bred her but is her dad now. If they were together all summer long and she was only 6 months old when I got her I am thinking it's her dad.

Oh Lisa, I hope not! You really should spread the word about the people you got your goats from if they are that irresponsible in their breeding practices. Shame on them!

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