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I have a 2 year old doe never bred that has a lopsided udder. It just recently became lopsided. She has always been uniform. It isnt a huge difference but enough I noticed. I plan to breed her this fall. What can I do to fix it? An herbal remedy is prefered. Thanks!

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If she's never been bred, she shouldn't have an udder at all. If she does, it's a precocious udder, and the general advice to just leave it alone. Once she has kids, assuming they nurse equally on both sides, it should be fine.

Ok well its the area where her udder would be. Looking at her from behind one teat is lower than the other and it didnt use to be. One side appears slightly swollen. I see her scratching that spot on benches we have for them and thought maybe she could have introduced bacteria...i plan to bred her this fall and want to take care of it if it is something. It doesnt feel hot or look red. Just dont know of I should be worried or not.

Could it be a bug bite? It doesn't sound like anything serious.

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